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Marmalade's Shop
Marmalade’s Boutique™ offers special "cattygories" of fine feline products for the special human in your life. Cat buttons, cat appliques and cat quilting books and patterns......all with catitude!
Marmalade’s Story ... "A Tail of Two Kitties"

I became a permanent family and staff member at The Ribbon Gardner™ in February 2002 after my quasi-family from next door moved out and left me to fend for myself. My girlfriend, Toast, was already residing at the neat ribbon shop, so it seemed natural for me to join her. After all, we had already produced a fine family together (three handsome boys that looked just like me and one adorable girl, the spitting image of her mother). It took me a few weeks to realize that my old family had completely abandoned me and I also figured out that there was a great deal of difference in life when I received regular meals and good health care. One of the most generous patrons of The Ribbon Gardner™ took me to her family veterinarian and paid for all of my initial health treatments. Auntie Janice, as I call her, is one very special lady.

I promised to be a very good boy and help out in any way possible since I was so appreciative of my new home. Because of my outgoing personality, charming demeanor, and handsome good looks I immediately assumed the staff position of Public Relations Director. Toast, being rescued from the wild and a naturally shy, reticent type occasionally streaks through a room, but prefers to remain in the background. She had already taken responsibility as a fierce rodent patrol officer, and I began to supervise her activities, as well.

Everything was going along just fine until March 2003. Under my supervision, a group of ladies from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Arlington had been meeting once weekly for over a year to stitch and hand bead a seven foot by nine foot church banner. The banner was scheduled to hang in the sanctuary the next day and I had just completed my final inspection. I had determined which area was the most comfortable for sleeping and knew that the five doves on the banner were so realistic that everyone would think that I had caught them outside and donated them to the cause. I also pointed out that there was one problem area with the trim on the banner that was slightly crooked. My Mom, hung the banner back on the wall and began to loosen the trim. She had just threaded her darning needle and was prepared to sew the trim back on when she was called away to the retail floor to assist a shopper. I was left in the room with Auntie Novella, one of the “banner ladies”, who was busy sewing a name plaque for the back of the banner. I tried my best to get Auntie Novella’s attention but she was very busy. Then, I spied the shinny darning needle with the lovely royal blue thread. I began to play with the thread thinking Auntie Novella would see how cute I was and come pet me. Well, things got a little out of paw, and I started chewing the thread. Still she did not notice me. Then, I started swallowing and somehow I got that needle in my mouth. Try as I might, I could not get the needle out of my mouth, so I swallowed it too. When I began to gag, Auntie Novella heard me and then saw the last of the thread in my mouth. She screamed for my Mom, who came rushing into the room. Mom saw the last little bit of thread hanging from my mouth too, but by the time she got to me it was gone. Mom scooped me up and rushed me to an emergency clinic. They took an x-ray and sure enough, there was that darning needle in my belly. They took me straight to the operating room and performed an emergency endoscopy. For only $600 and some change, Mom was able to get her needle back and take me home the next day. They gave me a weeks worth of Pepcid and they gave Mom the needle and thread in a medicine bottle, which she now keeps in the kitchen window.

No one will ever forget this terrible incident--the only blemish on my otherwise sterling record. Mom alternates between blaming herself for setting the needle down where I could find it to fussing at me for being so foolish. She says that if Auntie Novella had not heard me I would not be here now. One of the other "banner ladies", Auntie Roni, was so upset because I could have died that she actually helped pay for a portion of my procedure. Finally, Mom said that because this was an unbudgeted expense that I needed to go to work to help pay for my folly. So, in the Fall of 2003 I opened Marmalade’s Boutique™ Even though the boutique carries only my name, Toast is my silent partner.

Marmalade’s Boutique™ offers special "cattygories" of fine feline products for the special human in your life. Cat buttons, cat appliques, cat quilting books and patterns, Laurel Burch cat socks and tote bags, cat nesting boxes, cat notepads and notebooks ....all with catitude!


When you have finished shopping, please visit the Ribbon Gardner Homepage for information about our store, our history, and about the classes we are currently offering.